Dulce Base: Top Secret Underground Government Facility Or Hoax?

dulce base drawing

Beneath Mt. Archuleta near the Colorado-New Mexico border, a seven-story top secret government complex that would put Area 51 to shame is rumored to exist. It is called Dulce Base and some believe the facility serves as a joint human-grey alien operation.


The story begins in the small town of Dulce, New Mexico, which is home to nearly 3,000 residents and also the Jicarilla Apache Reservation.

In 1979, one local, Paul Bennewitz, said he began intercepting electronic communications between extraterrestrial ships and government installations near his home. After analyzing the transmissions, he was convinced he had discovered a hidden underground base near Dulce.

dulce base ufo ship
Artist’s depiction of a mysterious UFO hidden in the clouds. (Image Credit)

To add to Bennewitz’s claims, Express.co.uk reported former New Mexico State Police Trooper Gabe Valdez made an astonishing discovery:

“[Valdez found] strange activity around mutilated cattle, including discarded gas masks and glow sticks.”

“He even claimed to find a fetus inside a dead cow, which was like a ‘cross between a human, a monkey and a frog’ and speculated on radio the cows were being used as incubators for alien babies.”

By the 1990s, the UFO community had become obsessed with the idea of a secret collaboration effort between E.T.s and the U.S. government near Dulce. According to Michael Barkun’s book A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America, UFOlogist John Lear conducted extensive research on the subject and interviewed multiple sources. He later asserted he had obtained many independent confirmations that the base existed.

Barkun remained unconvinced, though. He said Cold War underground missile installations were known to be located nearby and “gave superficial plausibility to the myth,” thus making the Dulce Base legend attractive to those who desperately wanted to believe it. Additionally, Barkun said various “outlandish” rumors have placed the Dulce Base story “well outside even the most far-fetched reports of secret underground bases.”

Operations, activities and events inside Dulce Base

The Dulce Base theory consists of a number of remarkable claims. U.S. military personnel and aliens of unknown origin are said to have formed a partnership, where the space beings would exchange advanced technology in return for permission to abduct and experiment on humans. Many stories about late night abductions could support this portion of the theory.

dulce base alien abduction
CGI image of an alien abduction. (Image Credit)

Another claim tells of a violent stand-off between the grey aliens and humans that occurred in the late 1970s. During this time, approximately 60 contractors were hired to complete the secret underground base by using colossal drilling equipment to carve out huge tunnels under Mt. Archuleta.

At some point, the men and greys had a dispute, which resulted in 57 out of the 60 contractors being killed. Army elite special mission unit Delta Force was supposedly called in afterward to de-escalate the situation and cover up the deaths.

Philip Schneider, a former government explosives engineer, came forward years later and said he survived the battle. Schneider claimed as tensions escalated, he came in contact with a seven-foot-tall grey alien. Striking first, he shot and killed two of the strange beings, but suffered a nasty wound after one of the aliens blasted him with a plasma ball and “blew off some of his fingers.”

Another witness, Thomas Costello, emerged and recounted his experience. Costello alleged he was a security guard at Dulce Base and saw many of the locals who were reported missing actually inside the facility being experimented on by the greys. He eventually released pictures he snapped inside the base; some showing either people or extraterrestrials held hostage inside odd water-filled containers.

dulce base humans or aliens
One of the photos released by Thomas Costello. (Image Credit)

Website The Black Vault exposed these images as hoaxes, with one even coming from the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster The 6th Day (2000):

“Multiple online sources and viral posts have circulated this photograph as having been leaked by Costello, then shortly after it was leaked, he and his family went missing.”

“There is no evidence that I have found that shows Thomas Costello even exists.”

Even now, Dulce, New Mexico remains an area of interest in the UFO community, with many sightings and strange activity being reported there yearly.

Main Image Credit: Tall White Aliens

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