It’s Always Watching (Cont.)

Journal Entry #3

Oh no. No, no, no.

I fell asleep again and it came into my bedroom.

It… it hurt me bad this time. I can feel the blood streaming down my back. I don’t know how many cuts that thing made, but it was excruciating. I wailed and begged for mercy.

But, it didn’t listen. Of course not.

I couldn’t see its face at the time, but I heard it snickering while slowly carving whatever demented design it could conjure up into my back.

I finally know the truth now.

At first, I thought it wanted to just rile me up for whatever reason; to terrify me. Every time it came inside my room, it just sat there. Motionless. Staring.

Now… now I know what it really wants. It wants to torment me until I slowly lose my mind. That… monster wants to destroy my very soul.

I’ve never really believed in heaven or hell before, but I’m starting to now. Is this some sort of demon that has emerged from the underworld? If so, why did it choose me as its plaything? I was a relatively happy person before all this started.

Damn it. Damn it all!

My back… my back hurts so unbelievably bad. I’m afraid to look in the mirror to see what that nasty little devil did.

Right now, I’m sitting in total darkness. The power is off, but thankfully I have my laptop. The battery is running pretty low, but I’m still going to finish telling this story if it’s the last thing I do.

You know what? I can look in the mirror using the screen’s light. I have to. I need to see what that creature did to my skin. Hold on…

What the…? What in God’s name?? It says something. That monstrosity etched words and… symbols into my back. I can’t believe this.

Okay, calm down. Breathe.

It’s really hard to read, but I think it says:

Close your eyes, it’s your demise.

I… wha… what does that mean?

Oh, help me. Please help me.

And those symbols. There are rows of them. Is it some sort of spell? Part of a ritual?

Alright, I really need to stay awake this time. Just for a bit longer. I can do this. I know I can.

I need to keep my eyes open and stop myself from nodding off. But how? I’m trapped in this room. I can’t leave. I can’t splash water on my face or drink caffeine. All I have is my mind and this laptop with its waning battery level.

I know that thing is out there in the hallway. It’s just waiting for me to screw up and fall asleep again.

My parents won’t be back until later tonight. It’s only a few more hours, but right now hours seem like days. God, this is torture in itself. I can’t stand it anymore.

I’m going to needd to figguree somthinng outt. I havvee to sttay awwakkkke

Urgghh, I’m dozing off again.

Think man, think. What can I do to keep my eyes open? Ah, I can look at some old pictures here in this folder. Yes!! Wait. My battery is at 11% now. No, that isn’t going to work.

What else is there? What elsse cann I doo

Oh God. I can’t stay awake. I cann’t.

Ohh no… I hearr somethinng. It’s a creakkingg noisse, tthe doorr

It’s hheere. Itt’s comming towardss me. It’ss grinning.

I’m sorrry momm. Sorry dadd. I… I nee… I jusst needd to


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