Mexico’s Silent Zone: La Zona Del Silencio

la zona del silencio

Near the UNESCO Mapimí Biosphere Reserve in Mexico is a place known as La Zona Del Silencio (or the Zone of Silence). In this area, it is said that no type of communication, including radio, cellphone, electromagnetic and other signals, can be received. Compasses also do not point to magnetic north and the local plant and animal life have developed abnormal mutations.


La Zona Del Silencio is located in an area that was once completely submerged in water. Geologists named the plot of land Mar de Tetys (or The Sea of Tethys) and have found numerous fossils and other evidence of marine life.

In the 1930s, Francisco Sarabia, a Mexican pilot, conducted a flight over the (then unknown) Zone of Silence and experienced some unexplained difficulties.

la zona del silencio francisco sarabia
Francisco Sarabia pictured with his plane (top); La Zona Del Silencio sign (bottom). (Image Credit)

UFOholic reports:

“The instruments aboard his plane inexplicably started malfunctioning; he couldn’t receive nor send any radio transmissions and the compass had a hard time pointing north. He chalked it off to some disturbances in the local magnetic fields…”

Decades later in the 1990s, an Athena missile test was conducted at the Green River Launch Complex in New Mexico.

la zona del silencio green river launch complex
A far-away shot of the abandoned Green River Launch Complex. (Image Credit)

Shortly after launch, the rocket lost control and veered off course. It was originally supposed to travel 400 miles south to the White Sands Missile Range, but ended up crashing in the Mapimí Desert. The missile was reportedly carrying Cobalt 57 (Co-57), a deadly radioactive element.

la zona del silencio athena missile test
Image of an Athena missile test. (Image Credit)

Government officials from both the United States and Mexico worked diligently to search for any remains of the missile, since it could pose a health risk to nearby locals and wildlife. After a few weeks, farmers in the Northeast corner of the State of Durango stumbled upon the wreckage and reported its location to the authorities. According to Amusing Planet:

“…An airstrip was built to transport the wreckage. The entire operation was very hush-hush, consistent with governmental common sense, and nobody was told anything or asked. The secretive nature of the operation was already spurring rumors among the residents.”

Along with the missile debris, a small amount of contaminated soil was also relocated to a safe place. A road was later built at that exact location.

La Zona Del Silencio’s unusual characteristics

A semi-secret research facility was built in the Mapimí Basin to allegedly study the Zone of Silence’s flora and fauna. Due to the high concentration of uranium and magnetite deposits in the area, some speculate local plant and animal life have taken on strange mutations not seen anywhere else in the world. The zone is also said to contain a plethora of meteorites.

la zona del silencio animals
Bizarre looking animal carcasses reportedly found near La Zona Del Silencio. (Image Credit)

Visitors to the Zone of Silence have noticed there seems to be an “invisible barrier” that blocks radio, television, short wave, satellite and microwave signals. The rare metal deposits mentioned earlier, along with the abundant amount of meteorites, are believed to be emitting electromagnetic pulses that disrupt digital and analog instrument readings as well as radio communications.

Birth of an urban legend and more

At the time of the Athena rocket crash, a local named Jamie took up a job as a security guard for the military. He was hired to watch over the crash site since it had attracted both sightseers and thieves.

While on the job, Jamie learned to appreciate the attention the incident created and eventually spoke to a couple of local landowners about building a tourist-oriented hotel nearby.

“Some say that it was Jamie who began playing up the importance of the region to generate interest in the area, and together with his new friends started creating a story with lots of pseudo-science and local folklore, and fed it to the regional media. The media swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and a legend was born.” (Amusing Planet)

Later on, a tale involving La Zona Del Silencio and the famous Allende meteorite started to circulate throughout the community. Wikipedia briefly explains the history of the space rock:

“The fireball was witnessed at 01:05 on February 8, 1969, falling over the Mexican state of Chihuahua. After breaking up in the atmosphere, an extensive search for pieces was conducted and over 2 tonnes (tons) of meteorite were recovered. The availability of large quantities of samples of the scientifically-important chondrite class has enabled numerous investigations by a large number of scientists…”

“…The Allende meteorite has abundant, large calcium-aluminium-rich inclusions, which are among the oldest objects formed in the Solar System.”

la zona del silencio allende meteorite fragment
Photograph of a fragment of the Allende meteorite. (Image Credit)

According to folklore, a portion of the meteor supposedly landed in La Zona Del Silencio. This piece of the Allende meteorite is said to cause compasses to wildly malfunction and also attract UFOs, paranormal orbs and odd-shaped geometrical objects that have been witnessed at both low and high altitudes above the zone.

Although the meteorite fragment was found buried beneath the desert sand, it has not been removed and remains in place for unknown reasons.

Have you ever visited Mexico’s Zone of Silence? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

Main Image Credit: Pinterest

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