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TLNH is a website where readers from all over the world can get a fix on what’s new (and old) in the paranormal and other fringe fields by reading our unique and informative articles.

The original content we publish covers a wide range of topics including strange, odd, weird, paranormal, UFOs and extraterrestrial-related, psychology and more.

We welcome all new contributions. If you would like to write for TLNH, here is what you need to know:


Content: Posts found on TLNH are original and not copy/pasted (except for quotes, which are properly cited). We encourage contributors to create their own spins and opinions on any (supported) topic they wish to submit.

What we like: For an idea of what we’re looking for, check out the ‘Categories’ section on our homepage. If you’re interested in writing about something we generally don’t post about, send it anyways; if we approve your story, we’ll simply add another category. Minimum word count: 500.

Submitting: Send your submissions by email to admin@latenighthour.com. Paste your written content into the body section and properly format it for easier reading. Include the title of your article, your name or preferred pseudonym (ex. John Doe, Jane Doe) and the actual article itself. If you have any accompanying images, also attach those with proper credit information. When submitting a story, keep in mind that we love sources and often times provide links to multiple sites, videos, social media, etc.

Accepting Submissions

At this time, TLNH cannot provide contributors with monetary compensation. We are, however, always looking for new writers and believe a mutual relationship would benefit both parties (TLNH and the writer).

Here’s why:

-Upon acceptance and publishing, you can add the article you submitted to your personal portfolio or even include the experience on your resume.

-We can provide a backlink to your blog, website and/or social media account(s). This is usually done at the bottom of an approved article in italics.

-Writers will have the opportunity to advertise newly published articles on their own social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). This will create more visibility for their work and give it a better chance of going viral.

Submission Acknowledgement

Writers acknowledge that their work will be used in the correct manner and, if necessary, TLNH reserves the right to make spelling and/or grammar adjustments before publishing to the website.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to send us a message.

Main image credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash