Frightening Sounds Captured After Series Of Major Earthquakes Rock Oceania

[Sunday, 8/19/2018] An anonymous online user managed to record some very disturbing, alien-like sounds that reportedly took place shortly after four major earthquakes, including a magnitude 8.2, shook ocean waters near Fiji, Tonga and Indonesia.

The user, who goes by the moniker ‘polman’, uploaded their video to website Vimeo and provided the following description:

“I have [heard] similar sounds once before last week but they are going on longer this time.”

It is unknown where ‘polman’ is located, but it is reasonable to assume they live somewhere in Oceania.

Another user who appears to be knowledgeable about video/audio authenticity replied to those who immediately thought this was just another hoax:

“I ran those through a tone analyzer and they’re in increments of 60, i.e, the original Pythagorean scale that music used to be in, sometimes called ‘432 hz.’ That means that these are ‘pure,’ real, actual notes, and each one is perfect, well, once it resolves past the rising ‘wwwWWAAAA’ part and starts on the ‘OOOOOO’ part.”

“I’m thinking that whatever these are, this is where people got the first tuning of instruments from. All the tones I’ve checked so far have fallen on the pentatonic (western) scale, and all have been in perfect tune with Pythagorean tuning.”

“For anyone who doesn’t know, all early instruments were tuned to the same base 60 intervals that everything in the universe operates on, so people have always wondered how – considering that the ancient peoples who first tuned an instrument did so disparately and yet always to the same tone – that could happen.”

Watch the video below:

Video Credit: Vimeo (polman)

Main Image Credit: Pinterest (Alan Davis)

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