Strange Smoke Trails Seen Over Area 51

[Sunday, 11/25/2018] Website Lazy G Ranch recently posted some interesting pictures of smoke trails that were seen over Groom Lake in Nevada (a.k.a. Area 51).

Per their post:

We observed some unusual activity over the world’s favorite secret base that we can’t easily rationalize. Initially, as we watched through binoculars, we were thinking it must be a Thunderbirds demonstration for some sort of families day at Groom Lake, except that there aren’t any families living there. As events unfolded, it made us think it was more Thunderbirds (Gerry Anderson TV series) than Thunderbirds (USAF demo team).

After a year or so trying to coordinate time off work, the five of us set off well before dawn towards the Nellis ranges equipped with a loose leaf 1993 copy of Glenn Campbell’s Area 51 Viewers Guide. Arriving at our viewing position on a beautiful clear morning we realized that it was 28F. Wearing every single item of clothing that we could find, we broke out the Wal-Mart garden chairs. And froze.

Like any good team we were assigned roles, two of us on comms (Roger and Nick), two of us on optics (Wiggy and Rick) and a photographer (Dave). After an hour, Dave asked whether the scanner batteries were flat as there was practically zero radio traffic. Now, Rick had loaded his scanner with a huge bank of frequencies from 1998, but mine were perhaps two or three years old. Folklore is that when there’s little to listen to on the normal range frequencies (Blackjack etc) then something interesting may have booked the airspace. Around 9.15am, an inbound Janet was vectored around a ‘small UAV’ over the ‘DAF’ (Device Assembly Facility), another was held out and then asked to roll to the end of the runway after landing of runway 32.

We then noticed that there were a number of smoke trails in the Groom Lake direction. We watched for around 30 minutes before even thinking of taking some photos, as it looked initially like a Thunderbirds demo and we guessed that they may be either entertaining the inmates of the secret base or simply rehearsing near Indian Springs (metropolis | airbase).

View the photos below:

strange smoke trails area 51 2

strange smoke trails area 51 3

strange smoke trails area 51 4

strange smoke trails area 51 5

Images Owned By: Lazy G Ranch

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