Raw Images From NASA’s Curiosity Rover Show UFOs Hovering In Mars Sky

[Tuesday, 9/18/2018] An anonymous user on popular paranormal image board /x/ recently posted links to a few astonishing pictures found in the archive section of https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov, an official United States government website.

The black and white photos show strange UFO-like objects floating in the air not too far off the ground and are said to have originated from NASA’s car-sized Curiosity Rover, which launched from Cape Canaveral on November 26th, 2011 and landed in Mars’ “Gale Crater” on August 6th, 2012.

View the photos below (click to enlarge):

mars ufo curiosity rover 2
This first photo shows a single object (UFO) hovering off the ground in the distance.
mars ufo closeup 1
Here is a close-up view of the object from the first photo.
mars ufo curiosity rover 3
This second photo shows a number of dark objects (UFOs) in the sky (upper left corner).
mars ufo closeup 2
Here is a close-up view of the objects from the second photo. The UFO on the right appears to have the same shape as the one seen in the first photo.

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Image Credits: NASA/JPL, 4chan

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