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Strange Smoke Trails Seen Over Area 51

strange smoke trails area 51 1

[Sunday, 11/25/2018] Some unusual smoke trails were captured on film over the notorious secret government base, Area 51… Read More

SHOCKING: Recently Found 2,000+ Year Old Torah Scroll Features Satanic Ram And Pentagram

ancient torah scroll satanic pentagram goat head 1

[Monday, 11/12/2018] Authorities in Turkey recently discovered an ancient Torah scroll that reportedly contains an image of a satanic pentagram… Read More

NASA Shares Stunning Image Of Nearly Perfect Rectangular Shaped Iceberg In Antarctica

nasa rectangle rectangular shaped iceberg 2

[Monday, 10/22/2018] Just days ago, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed an amazing photo on Twitter of an iceberg located near the “Larsen C” ice shelf… Read More

Twitter User Captures Amazingly Strange Photos Of Latest SpaceX Rocket Launch

spacex falcon 9 clouds

[Monday, 10/8/2018] Early Sunday evening, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 Rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, which is over one hundred miles northwest of Los Angeles, California… Read More

Raw Images From NASA’s Curiosity Rover Show UFOs Hovering In Mars Sky

mars ufo curiosity rover 1

[Tuesday, 9/18/2018] Amazing photos discovered deep inside NASA’s uncensored archives show strange UFO-like objects floating in the distance on the red planet… Read More

Researchers: Collision Between Earth And Ancient Planet Sparked First Forms Of Life 3.9 Billion Years Ago

theia ancient planet colliding with earth forms life first signs of life

[Monday, 8/20/2018] Over four billion years ago, a catastrophic collision between Earth and a mars-size planet called Theia triggered the origin of life… Read More

Frightening Sounds Captured After Series Of Major Earthquakes Rock Oceania

earthquake sounds fiji tonga indonesia sky trumpets

[Sunday, 8/19/2018] Disturbing, alien-like sounds were recorded on video after a barrage of major earthquakes shook the waters near Fiji, Tonga and Indonesia… Read More

Firmament Discovered? NASA Reveals There Is A Mysterious ‘Hydrogen Wall’ Surrounding Our Solar System

firmament hydrogen wall nasa

[Friday, 8/17/2018] NASA has revealed there is a strange “wall” of hydrogen that surrounds our solar system. Has the biblical firmament finally been found? Read More

Was Suspected School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Another MKUltra Asset?

nikolas cruz mkultra parkland shooting confession video

[Thursday, 8/9/2018] Was Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz involved in the CIA’s top secret MKUltra Project? Read on to find out…

Scientists Discover Strange “Pockets Of Energy” Inside Great Pyramid Of Giza

great pyramid of giza electromagnetic energy

[Saturday, 8/4/2018] Scientists report they have detected concentrated pockets of electromagnetic energy within the Great Pyramid of Giza’s chambers… Read More

Scientists Detect Mysterious ‘Laser’ Shooting Out Of The Ant Nebula

ant nebula laser beam

[Thursday, 5/31/2018] The European Space Agency (ESA) has recently discovered an anomalous laser emission “shooting out” of the Ant Nebula (Mz 3), which is located nearly 8,000 light-years away from our solar system… Read More