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7 Years Later: Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Might Be The Greatest Threat To ALL Life On Earth

fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant disaster

With three nuclear reactor cores “missing” and radioactive particles continuing to spread throughout the air and sea, is Fukushima the worst disaster ever? Read More

Ancient Weapons Of Mass Destruction

ancient weapons of mass destruction sodom and gomorrah

Many have speculated that ancient civilizations not only used primitive weaponry such as axes, swords, bows and catapults, but also developed terrifying devices that could inflict a large amount of damage, much like the weapons of mass destruction we have today… Read More

Black Star Canyon

black star canyon poltergeist tree

Black Star Canyon is a very remote location that can be found in the Santa Ana Mountains in Southern California. The canyon’s name sounds ominous, so it is fitting that its bloody history, stories and legends can be a bit spooky as well… Read More

Briccius And The Flask Of Holy Blood

the flask of holy blood

A religious relic of the past called the Flask of Holy Blood is said to reside inside the rural municipaility of Heiligenblut, Austria… Read More

Do ‘White Holes’ Create New Universes?

white hole artist rendition

Most people have heard about black holes due to their fascinating and mysterious nature, but, until now, perhaps they have never heard of a white hole… Read More

Dulce Base: Top Secret Underground Government Facility Or Hoax?

dulce base drawing

Deep underground near the Colorado-New Mexico border, a seven-story top secret government complex called Dulce Base is rumored to exist… Read More

Going Down The Rabbit Hole: Google Translate

google translate google logo g

Is there a “dark” side to Google Translate? Join us as we experiment with various translations. You might be shocked by the results… Read More

Legio IX Hispana: Rome’s Lost Legion

legio ix hispana

Long ago when Rome ruled the world, an elite military unit called Legio IX Hispana disappeared without a trace… Read More

Mexico’s Silent Zone: La Zona Del Silencio

la zona del silencio

Near the Mapimí Basin in Mexico is a patch of land known as La Zona Del Silencio (or The Zone of Silence)… Read More

Norway’s Hessdalen Lights

hessdalen lights main

For almost one hundred years, strange “phantom lights” have been seen in the skies above Norway. This phenomenon is known as the Hessdalen Lights… Read More

Out-of-Place Artifacts

out-of-place artifacts plane in middle of nowhere

Sometimes things called out-of-place artifacts are discovered in this world that seem to defy all logic… Read More

Project Blue Beam: NASA-Engineered Plan Of World Domination Or Crazy Conspiracy Theory?

project blue beam

Project Blue Beam is a theory that claims the ushering in of a New World Order will consist of multiple technologically-simulated events… Read More

The Bicameralism Hypothesis

bicameralism introspection-nocturnal-reflections

In the field of psychology, there is a theory called bicameralism which was coined by author and psychologist Julian Jaynes in 1976. It is often referred to as the “philosophy of two-chamberedness” and is not widely accepted in the scientific community… Read More

The Borley Rectory Hauntings

borley rectory

In the mid-1800s, a large Victorian house named Borley Rectory became the focal point of very unusual paranormal activity… Read More

The Great Amherst Mystery

From 1878 to 1879, a woman named Esther Cox experienced disturbing and unexplainable events in Amherst, Canada. The story became known as The Great Amherst Mystery… Read More

The Mysterious Mount Shasta

mount shasta altocumulus lenticularis

Mount Shasta, a volcano that is said to erupt every few hundred years, has long been the source of a number of popular myths and legends… Read More

The Snedeker Haunting

snedeker haunting house

In 1986, the Snedeker family experienced terrifying events while living in a former mortuary in Southington, CT… Read More

The Vela Incident

vela incident atmospheric detonation

In 1979, an odd “double flash” of light was detected near Antarctica. This event is known as the Vela Incident… Read More

The Witch Of Osyth

the witch of osyth

In 1582, an English woman named Ursula Kemp was convicted of witchcraft and hanged to death. She is known as The Witch of Osyth… Read More

Transylvania’s Hoia Baciu Forest

hoia baciu forest bermuda triangle of romania

Deep inside Transylvania is a very pecuiliar patch of wilderness called Hoia Baciu Forest… Read More

Tulli Papyrus: Evidence Of Ancient Flying Saucers?

tulli papyrus ancient egypt ufo

A cryptic ancient Egyptian text known as the Tulli Papyrus is said to be the first ever written account of a UFO sighting… Read More

What Is Causing Saturn’s Gigantic Hexagon Shaped Cloud Formation

saturn hexagon 1

After flybys from NASA’s Voyager and Cassini spacecraft between 1980 – 1988, scientists scrambled to review and explain the data and pictures they received showing a bizarre, hexagon shaped cloud pattern at Saturn’s north pole… Read More

What Really Happened To The SS Ourang Medan?

ss ourang medan ghost ship

In or around June 1947, two American ships – the Silver Star and City of Baltimore – received morse code distress messages from the Dutch merchant vessel SS Ourang Medan near the Strait of Malacca… Read More